design and technical consultancy on structures, buildings and energy facilities


construction of high-voltage overhead power lines (110, 220 and 400 kV) as well as modernization and repair of existing lines


construction, modernization and repairs of 400, 220, 110 and 15 kV overhead and indoor substations


production of all kinds of steel structures


production of complete switchgears for own consumption systems and guaranteed voltage


commissioning and control and measurement works on power facilities constructed or modernized


We construct new high-voltage overhead power lines (110, 220 and 400 kV) as well as modernize and repair already existing ones.These are mostly  single- and double-circuit lines, while  in  case of 110 kV lines – also quadruple-circuit lines.

Experienced and specialized assembly  teams employed by our company are very well prepared to work at high heights and in the vicinity of active electrical power devices  and have valid certificates of training received from leading cable manufacturers (ABB, Pfisterer, Telefonika).
We use high quality specialist, technical and transport equipment.
According to the current standards, our high-voltage lines  constructed by us are environmentally friendly.

The scope of work includes, among other things:

  • installation of optical ground wires on lines
  • construction and modernization of cable power  lines from 15 kV up to 220 kV
  • installation of cable joint closures and terminations
  • construction of steel towers from 25 and 90 meters in  height, used in  mobile telephony, telecommunications or as forest observation towers

Selected projects

Ełk Łomża

Wrocław Pasikurowice