Ełk – Łomża

In the period from  2011 to 2015 we was  the Consortium Leader  of an extremely important project task for the National Power System, entitled: Construction of the 400 kV Ełk – Łomża line.

Works in the scope specified below:

  • construction of a double-circuit 400 kV line with fiber-optic cable,
  • construction of temporary access roads and maneuvering yards for the assembly of foundations, poles, towers and phase conductors and ground wires,
  • construction of foundations for supporting structures and earthing,
  • delivery and installation of E33 poles with anti-corrosion protection,
  • delivery and installation of 400 kV insulation
  • delivery and installation of damping spacers,
  • delivery and installation of line markings, including warning and identification elements and obstacle markings,
  • cutting down trees and shrubs,
  • introduction of the line to the 400 kV Łomża electrical substation and 400/110 kV Ełk Bis switching station,
  • obtaining requirements for the reconstruction of conflicting utilities, execution of formal and legal matters, technical designs of reconstruction and execution of reconstruction along the entire route of the designed 400 kV Ełk – Łomża line of all utilities conflicting with the line.

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