Wrocław Pasikurowice

We constructed the 400 + 2 x 110kV Pasikurowice – Wrocław line and extended the 400/110kV Pasikurowice substation by a 400kV line bay and central  recorder of  disturbance, including:

  • construction of pile foundations, designed for each stand individually,
  • installation of tubular poles,
  • installation of lattice towers,
  • installation of insulator strings,
  • installation of phase conductors,
  • installation of ground wires,
  • execution of all necessary works in secondary and primary circuits, in telecommunications, control and measurement systems  related to the construction of the 400 kV bay and the construction of a central recorder of  disturbance in the 400/110 kV Pasikurowice substation.
  • Total length of 400 kV line Pasikurowice – Wrocław amounts to ~ 48 km (121 towers).

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