Włocławek Azoty

As the General Contractor we performed the task entitled: Extension of the 220 kV switchgear at the 220/110 kV Włocławek Azoty  power substation to enable electricity to be fed out of the 460 MW power generation unit of PKN Orlen S.A. Power Plant to the NPS.

As an example of the scope of work we can point:

  • execution of geotechnical investigation and testing on the area of the 220 kV switchgear,
  • conducting formal and legal arrangements for implementation of the project,
  • preparation of building plans and specifications together with obtaining a building permit,
  • preparation of the detailed design and agreement with the Contracting Authority,
  • purchase and delivery of equipment, apparatus and materials necessary for the construction of the station,
  • extension of the 220 kV switchgear and modernization of 110 kV units of the autotransformers,
  • development and implementation of a social communication program throughout the implementation period,
  • examinations and tests of installed equipment, apparatus and installations,
  • measurement, control and commissioning works of the station,
  • execution of as-built tests and preparation of as-built documentation,
  • development of operating instructions for the station with respect to the ownership of PSE S.A. and for the remaining part of the station to the extent resulting from the implementation of the project,
  • obtaining of the permission for use

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