• Construction of the 400(220)/110 kV Pelplin power substation
  • Installation of the 220/110 kV Towarowa autotransformer
  • Modernisation of 4 power stations internal loads: RPZ Słodowiec , RPZ Bródno, RSM Ordona grid and RSM “L”
  • Construction of the 220 kV Radkowice – Kielce Piaski line with extension of the Kielce Piaski and Radkowice power substations
  • Commissioning of the second 400 kV circuit of the Kromolice – Plewiska line together with the creation of the 220 kV wye of the Plewiska – Konin link with tap line to Poznań Południe
  • Extension of the 220 kV switchgear at the 220/110 kV Włocławek Azoty substation
  • Extension of the 110/15 kV Sędziszów  power substation
  • Replacement of disconnectors, transformers and disturbance recorder for R-110 kV in CHP Kawęczyn
  • Inspection and commissioning works for the Ełk Bis power  substation

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