Elbud Warszawa

ELBUD Warszawa is one of the leading companies in the Polish electrical power engineering construction sector. For 70 years now, we have been enjoying the recognition of our Clients thanks to the highest quality and timely completion of the entrusted works. We participate in the construction of key energy facilities in Poland and successfully provide services and deliver our products to foreign markets. The highest standard of our services guarantees the knowledge, experience and skills of our employees. Through an efficient project management system, we effectively plan the work and optimize the costs of project implementation. We approach each client and the entrusted order individually, carefully selecting the executive team and the way of completing the task. Continuous development of the company based on investments in modern technologies and changes in the structure and organization of work within the ELBUD Warszawa Group of Companies allows us to flexibly adjust our offer to the expectations of the most demanding project owners.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • design, construction, modernization and repairs of overhead and underground power lines of all voltages
  • design, construction, modernization and repairs of transformer/switching stations of medium, high and highest voltages
  • design and construction of buildings for substations and power switching stations
  • control and measurement tests and maintenance services for transformer/switching stations
  • earthing measurements
  • installation of fiber optic and underground phone lines
  • turn-key construction of energy facilities and acting as the General Contractor of the aforementioned project
  • production of complete communications, control and relay cabinets for switching stations of 110 – 400 kV
  • replacement of traditional lightning protection wires with optical ground wires
  • production of steel structures for electrical power facilities, industrial and general construction
  • localization and formal and legal preparations for energy facilities with the required arrangements, as well as appropriation of land and surveying measurements
  • construction of telecommunication masts and observation towers
  • design and execution of connections for wind farms



design and technical consultancy on structures, buildings and energy facilities


construction of high-voltage overhead power lines (110, 220 and 400 kV) as well as modernization and repair of existing lines


construction, modernization and repairs of 400, 220, 110 and 15 kV overhead and indoor substations


production of all kinds of steel structures


production of complete switchgears for own consumption systems and guaranteed voltage


commissioning and control and measurement works on power facilities constructed or modernized

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